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The new social network.
A world hub of small events.

What is Evenite?

Evenite is the new social network and the next big thing. Find out what is going on near you, or just keep in touch and engage with your friends and what they are doing.

Evenite is available now for free worldwide. Download it now!

Android / Google Play
iOS / App Store

Create your story.

Our lives are all about our memories, the things we do and the people we meet. Evenite encourages meeting new people and building a story of your memories by redefining "event".

Show who you are by what you do. See who others are by what they do. Meet and engage in events with people relevant to you.

Simple event hosting. Advanced capabilities.

Reach out to new people matching your preferences with Evenite's advanced filtering options.

Whether you want to throw a birthday party or organize a football team, Evenite is the tool for the job. During the event, attendees can easily send in photos from the event. After the event, it can be added to each attendee's personal story as a memory and a way of telling others who you are and what you do.